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My Values


I come to this work with the assumption that we are all here for the same purpose:  to enable each student to graduate prepared to thrive in the future of their choice.


Beyond that, we all have our touchstones - those guiding forces that we try to live by and that keep us honest to ourselves when the waters get murky, as they often do.


These are mine.

It's all about learning





Learning is at the heart of our work together - sharing experience, perspective, and uncertainties.  Through mutual inquiry, our questions create a powerful platform for action.  

At some point we inevitably fall in (some of us more than others).  The key is to climb out and then to learn from what happened. 

Context is everything


Best practice is only best if it works.

What's effective in one place may not be  in another.  My practice  has common foundations but is adapted to your reality,  your culture, and your needs.

It's your work

Nobody knows more about your work than you do -- you live it every day.  We will wrestle with challenges together, but if I haven't increased your capacity to do your job without me, I haven't done mine.

I will be your biggest cheerleader and (perhaps) your toughest critic.  But at the end of the day, I will walk away .

Photos courtesy of Rory Martin.

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