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My writing

I learn while I write.  It's how I make sense of the myriad of experiences, conversations, and observations that define my work.  


Writing is also how I give back to the field.  By publishing stories of those who devote their lives to educating kids, their efforts can benefit others in a common purpose to serve our next generation.




Journal articles
Please contact me for access to older publications.

“Leading for ownership:  One school’s story of commitment, communication and transformation.” 

With Martin, M. & Hoyos, C.  Submitted for publication.




“Finding what’s common outside the core:  CCSS finds its way into CTE and electives classes” 

Journal of Staff Development, June 2014




“Wrestling with data: Learning network grapples with how to gather and analyze valuable information.” 

Journal of Staff Development, October 2012


“A tapestry of inquiry and action: Cycle of learning weaves its way through Washington district.”

Journal of Staff Development, June 2012


Leadership as conversation.”  ASCD Express. 12.22.11  


“Standards:  Bane or benefit?  How standards-based reform can impede parental involvement.”  The High School Magazine, 1998


“Collaboration:  A foundation skill for parental involvement.”  Journal of Staff Development1995


“Parental involvement: It’s politically correct but is it worth the trouble?”  The High School Magazine, 1995






Are We Deskilling our Teachers?  

A commentary on whether we are moving toward standards or standardization in our quest for instructional excellence.


Teacher Evaluation:  Taking Stock

A story of one teacher's experience with teaching standards.


Teacher Evaluation:  A Postscript

A reflection on the direction of teacher evaluation policy.


Be Quick but Don’t Hurry

The importance of being deliberate and thoughtful, on the court and in the classroom.


Do the Huddle

Tips on effective group work.


Fun is not a Four Letter Word

Looking for student engagement?  Try making learning fun!


Can Unequal be Fair?

Teaching practices that feel unfair to kids can have devastating effects on their learning.  Ideas for a more equitable learning environment.


A College Going Culture

How do we help all kids believe that they can and that they should?


The Smartest Kids in the World

What we can learn from others about smart education systems.


The Power of Silence

The role of quiet in fostering inquiry and deeper learning.


Professional Development as Organizational Learning

Powerful practices to create learning systems.


Finding the T in Team

What makes an effective team?  Diversity and chemistry.


What’s a Theory of Action and Why Do We Need One?

My most popular blog.  Available in French as well.  Just ask!


Instructional Rounds:  Not just a repackaged walkthrough

And why you need both.


Resourceful Schools:  Doing more with less

Find your talent, work from evidence, and do what works.


Do You Need a Coach or a Consultant?

Coaches teach you to do the work; consultants do it for you.


Who is Sponsoring the Change you want to See?

Make sure you're using the positional authority in your system to its best advantage.




Change leadership:  A practical guide to transforming our schools.  With Tony Wagner, Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, Richard W. Lemons,Jude Garnier, Deborah Helsing, Annie Howell.  J2006.

"In Their Shoes:  A Qualitative Study of Peer Observation and its Impact on Collective Efficacy among Elementary Teachers"

"The Gift of Reading."  (Video.) Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1997


Perspectives for partnership: Foundations to support parental involvement in

 education. (Handbook) Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1997


Tools for understanding: Reading, Writing, Multi-age. (Guide*) Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction,  1996


What Are We Learning Today About Good Schools for Tomorrow?  (Guide*) Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1995


Parental involvement. (Video) Washington State Board of Education, 1994


Parental involvement in Washington’s Schools for the 21st Century.  (Research Report)  Washington State Board of Education, 1993






* Explanatory guides interpreting school reform practices for the general public

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