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My clients



I am honored to have supported  the following schools, districts, and organizations. Please contact me if you would like additional information about services provided or, where possible, direct contact information to discuss the quality and impact of my work. 



  • Abeo School Change

  • American Institutes for Research 

  • Atlanta Public Schools (Georgia)

  • Bellingham Public Schools (Washington)

  • Big Picture (Washington)

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Cascade Middle School (Washington)

  • Center for Educational Leadership

  • Change Leadership Group, Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Charlotte County School District (Virginia)

  • Chico Unified School District (California)

  • Coalition of Essential Schools Northwest

  • Deer Park Community City Schools (Ohio)

  • Edmonds School District (Washington)

  • Education Northwest (formerly Northwest Educational Regional Lab)

  • Eugene School District (Oregon)

  • Everett School District (Washington)

  • Evergreen School District (Washington)

  • Fayetteville School District (Arkansas)

  • Illahee Junior High School  (Washington)

  • The Gardner School

  • Governor Booth Gardner (Washington)

  • Grandview School District (Washington)

  • Harvard Institute for School Leadership

  • Harvard University, Executive Leadership for Educators          

  • Highline Public Schools (Washington)

  • Hockinson School District (Washington)

  • Kenneth Jones Associates

  • Kenton County School District (Kentucky)

  • Lake Washington School District (Washington)

  • Mabton School District (Washington)

  • Nooksack School District (Washington)

  • North Mason School District (Washington)

  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington)

  • Oklahoma State University Board of Regents

  • Port Angeles School District (Washington)

  • Portland Public Schools (Oregon)

  • Riverdale School District (Oregon)

  • Seattle Public Schools (Washington)

  • Small Schools Project (National)

  • Sherwood School District (Oregon)

  • Stonington School District (Connecticut)

  • South Kitsap School District (Washington)

  • Technology, Engineering, and Communications HIgh School (Washington)

  • Washington State Board of Education

  • Washington State Leadership Academy

  • Washougal School District (Washington)



Our work with Harriette has had a dramatic impact on our administrative team.  We have deepened our understanding of quality instruction as individuals and calibrated our understanding as a team.  Perhaps more important, the nature of the conversations we have as a team has changed: we are more honest, direct, and open, not just about instruction, but about other topics as well.


Gary Bennett, Chief Academic Officer

Sherwood School District, Oregon


Harriette became a critical reflective thought partner as we developed and implemented teaching standards.


Dr. Teri Crux Cruey


Kenton County School District, Kentucky




Having worked in school administration for over 15 years, I can honestly say that the learning network Harriette designed and facilitated was the most effective leadership opportunity  in which I have ever participated.  Working collaboratively with other educational leaders, both administrators and teachers, we examined learning from a student point of view.  My work with Harriette completely revolutionized how I look at instruction and learning.


B. J. Blake


Churchill High School, Eugene, Oregon


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